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Kind of Quiet out there...

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But trust me to find some Colorado Rockies related reading material for you:

Up in the Rockies continues the 2007 player previews this time covering LaTroy Hawkins and Troy Tulowitzki.

Dan Agonistes previews our running game, and comes up with what to me is a counterintuitive result. He sees Kaz as a step down from Jamey Carroll, mainly due to Jamey's ability to advance on hits, and ground outs. I'm sorry, but Jamey also got caught on the basepaths twelve times last season, which his other virtues don't come close to covering. With Kaz plus Taveras, we should be considerably improved.

I'm just a tiny bit worried about this aspect of Chris Iannetta's game. Not that I expect a catcher to be fleet of foot or anything, but I just don't know how he is on advancing on hits and groundouts yet. I'm hoping to be able to monitor that a little more carefully this year.

The Coors Effect's team by team previews have finally started to touch on our divisional foes, starting with the Giants who Tom labels as hit or miss. I vote "miss" but you probably knew that already.