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Adios, amigo...

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With yesterday's four to three victory over Venezuela with the Mexican team, Vinny Castilla's professional baseball playing career came to an end. Castilla was the last of the original Blake Street Bombers to call it quits, perhaps fittingly considering that the Rockies are finally entering a new period of promise after many seasons in the dark. Luckily Rockies fans were able to say goodbye to Vinny in style as he spent his last months in the MLB with the team, and we look forward to him having a long and productive post-playing career in the Rockies organization.

Anyway, we could post some of our most cherished Vinny moments here. My own favorite was this game Sept 1, 1995 against Atlanta, which I was lucky enough to attend. With the Rockies having won five in a row to claw back into first in the division, they faced the East (and NL) leading Braves to try for a sweep. The game wasn't even close, Ellis Burks hit a bases loaded single off Steve Avery to start the scoring in the bottom of the first, and then Vinny followed with a two-out single of his own to give the Rockies a three nothing lead. Vinny finished with three more hits, including a homerun and the Rockies won 12-2. I was so sure after this series that we'd beat the Braves in the playoffs, but we know how that turned out.

We were lucky enough to get tickets because a friend of my mom's couldn't use hers. It was so hard to get into Coors then.

Hasta luego, Vinny. Now get back to work. :)