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Friday Stuff:

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Tracy Ringolsby at the Rocky Mountain News has some tidbits from around the mjors, but also goes into a little bit of Rockies today.

Eric Hz at Fake Teams yesterday put up a post on Seth Smith, who he considers as a very deep sleeper for fantasy purposes. I've been working on an e-mail Five Questions feature for Eric's site that as soon as I shoot it off and he posts it, I'll give you that link as well (you can find it here). Prominently featured in that e-mail of who to keep for 2008 and beyond is one Eric Young Jr, who even Lisa Winston of has on  her fantasy team. If your a fantasy player in a deep keeper league, you should probably consider the move, too.

From the creator of and another fabulous person comes a new resource for monitoring college splits. I'm excited for this, at least.

Todd Helton is probably more excited about the elk he bagged up near my homestead, which is fine, but just don't invite Tulo over to share some of the meat, okay Todd?

Anybody going to Vegas and willing to put a dime on the Rox winning the West for me? I like those odds.