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Eight Rockies make BA's top 100

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Starting with Tulo and #15 and finishing with Chris Iannetta at #92, the Rockies had more than any other club this year.

Troy Tulowitzki 15
Franklin Morales 30
Jason Hirsh 42
Ian Stewart 46
Dexter Fowler 48
Greg Reynolds 76
Ubaldo Jimenez 84
Chris Iannetta 92

Be sure to click the nifty "risk factor" pop-out associated with Morales to check out some comparable pitchers for him. Note also the four pitchers on the list for the Rockies and compare that to the number of pitchers the Diamondbacks put up there (Micah Owings, 98, Max Scherzer probably also makes this list should he sign). Now consider Dayn Perry's article proclaiming the Snakes NL West champions for the next seven seasons. Yeah... sure...

Although speaking of Snake prospects. Alberto Callaspo and Miguel Montero are way too high, and Iannetta way too low. Montero's going to be the third best young catcher in the division in a couple of seasons, with Chris and the Dodgers' Russell Martin duking it out for the top spot.