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Lingering Trade Possibilities

Back in early February, while Renck worked on a Pavano-to-the-Rockies deal, he mentioned that Jon Lieber of the Phillies was on the trading block (and for quite some time before that). Well, the Rockies are still interested in trading for Lieber as of this weekend (Footnotes). What a vote of confidence to the back of the rotation! So the Rockies don't have any outfielders or relievers the Phillies want but Kim, Fogg, Hirsh, and etc. almost assuredly don't want this to happen. At best he would be the #3 starter with Cook and Francis still ahead of him. Lopez would be the fourth starter then and that last remaining spot would be Hirsh's most likely.

Where does that leave Fogg and Kim? The Phillies don't want either since they don't play the outfield and the relievers we don't want on the team, such as Tom Martin, are also unwanted by the Phillies. There aren't any upper-level outfielders in the system that would be of value to the Phillies in this trade. As a result, the Rockies are where they are right now.

Would Lieber even be an upgrade? Wouldn't the team promote his 17-win season in 2005 and overlook that he'll be 37 this season? There's no need to give up youth for a declining veteran.


Cory Sullivan's days with the team look numbered as he "faces a tall order" to overcome Finley as the team's fourth outfielder. I guess worse things could happen to the team.