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Rostradamus: San Diego 8 Gazillion, Rockies 3; Rockies 15, White Sox 11

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Carl Pavano, Jon Lieber, et al: Simply, the results of yesterday's games effectively gives every in house rotation candidate a mulligan for ineffective outings this past week. We know Rodrigo and Hirsh's stuff should be adequate, but it would be nice to know for sure that we can count on them from the beginning of April without the bombs dropping. Meanwhile, Kim, Fogg and Buchholz have another chance to make an impression today, but all these guys aren't giving themselves much job security right now with all the neck cranking they're doing. I would say that results will start to matter a bit more this week ahead, and Ubaldo Jimenez' solid performance thus far is looking better and better in contrast.

Clint Barmes: Lost in the Troy Tulowitzki scare in Peoria was the fact that adjustments made to Clint's swing paid immediate dividends in Tucson as he went three for four with a double and made much more solid contact.


Brian Lawrence: He gave up a Jim Thome HR early in his appearance, but finished with a flourish in his three innings of work.

Matt Herges: He's not allowing any runs, but not doing anything else really impressive either. But hey, what else should I be expecting from a middle reliever? Right? Right. Herges is okay.


Take your pick: Lopez, Hirsh, Denny Bautista, Oscar Rivera, Tom Martin, Mike Gallo. We went through a lot of pitchers yesterday and only a couple had mild success at meeting expectations, most crumbled.

Yorvit Torrealba: Nobody ran on Yorvit, but that isn't the only measure of catching defense. He let a couple of balls get by, one pitch by Lopez was ruled a wild pitch but clearly could have been stopped or even caught, and the contrast in fielding range was made apparent when compared to Josh Bard who got out of the box fast on pop fouls. Torrealba also went zero for three at the plate on a day when Iannetta and Lopez had some good at bats in the other game.

Others of Note: Atkins and Holliday don't look like they're intending to regress to the mean for some reason. They still look like offensive beasts to me. Nobody, please, tell them that PECOTA expects a decline this season. Jamey Carroll, meanwhile, looks to be coming back to earth. I think it's clear we shouldn't expect the same season as last year at the plate, but his defense and cheerleading might make up for it. Big games from Omar Quintanilla, John Mabry and Ryan Spilborghs in Tucson, see MatttheRock's diary at the right for more on them and other notes.