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Game #12: The Bad vs The Not-So-Bad-Not-So-Good

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Today's game against the Royals is a preview of that Interleague series everyone in the baseball world is waiting for from May 18-20. It's a preview of the 2007 World Series - anyone want to take that bet?

Josh Fogg is expected to get the start against Joakim Soria and Kim should pitch in the game as well. Soria and Josh Hamilton of the Reds have been surprises this spring. Peter Gammons compared Hamilton's swing to Larry Walker's earlier today on SportsCenter.

The Mets finally put their single-game tickets on sale today. More ridicule from Mets fans, woo!

Update [2007-3-11 18:57:38 by Russ]: The SB Nation Sports Report premieres tonight, but most of the show will be devoted to the NCAA tournament. But all of April, May and June should be devoted to baseball.