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Spring Training Game #13: Rockies vs D-backs

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Silly, silly Snakes. To try to get some sort of an advantage over the Rockies and the rest of their NL West foes, the Diamondbacks are deliberately doing all they can to avoid using their projected starters against NL West teams during Spring Training. So yesterday Brandon Webb took his stuff against the White Sox in a "B" game instead of pitching against the Padres' A squadders, and similarly, Livan Hernandez disappears mysteriously today in favor of AAA guy Dustin Nippert. Nippert, you might recall, already pitched once against the Rockies this Spring.

It will only take a little over a month to figure out how this plot plays out in the regular season thanks to a heavy intradivisional schedule in April. My guess is that the difference will amount to nil.

Meanwhile, Aaron Cook goes for the Rox.