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Spring Training Game #14: Rockies vs Padres

Jeff Francis versus David Wells in a battle of southpaws. Troy Tulowitzki is expected to be back in the starting lineup today.

So Terrmell Sledge is ripping up the Cactus League this Spring, with six of his eleven hits going for extra bases. Is this a Spring stat that we as Rockies fans should worry about? A little, he's had some success against good pitchers as well as his shot off Rodrigo (sorry for the dig, couldn't resist). He had a solid year in AAA in 2006 with a very good MLE, but there was a lot of fuzziness to that which makes me wonder if he could maintain this pace over the long haul. Note that he also has zero walks to date, to go along with five K's. Once his BABIP comes back down to earth, I would expect him to be at best a solid, average, corner outfielder, and not quite the monster he's showing himself to be right now.

Others to watch out for on the Padres include new third baseman Kevin Kouzmanoff, who's been more impressive to me this Spring than Sledge showing patience as well as pop. While I'm talking about NL West foes, I forgot to mention how impressed by Arizona's outfield defense I was yesterday, Chris Young and Carlos Quentin cover a lot of ground out there, and we know Eric Byrnes will be a huge upgrade over Gonzo in left. I have to give AZ the early edge in the division in this category, we'll see a little better how San Diego fares today.