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Rostradamus: Diamondbacks 6, Rockies 5

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Jeremy Affeldt: He gave up the triple down the line to Scott Hairston, but that was the only solid contact against him, and stranding the runner at third gets him a bonus point or two.


John Mabry: Mabry went zero for two, but he played decent defense at third which was a little more than Jeff Baker could muster. I'm not at all convinced that Mabry's the solution to our left handed bench bat with power needs, as I like a couple other bats (Alex Gomez) just as much if not more, but by showing he could be an opposite handed alternative to Garrett Atkins, he raises his cache a bit.


Javy Lopez, and nine others: Too easy? Alright, fine, how about Denny Bautista, who in a late and tied game situation allowed the winning run to score. Bautista got behind batters, and showed the same command troubles that have haunted his career to date, despite also showing the wicked high 90's heat.

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