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Buchholz to the pen; new Rockies announcer down to three

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Today we saw Buchholz pitch the final two innings of the game and now it's official: he's been moved to the bullpen. Going by the article the bullpen should look like this:

CL Brian Fuentes
RHP Taylor Buchholz
RHP LaTroy Hawkins
LHP Tom Martin
LHP Jeremy Affeldt
RHP Manny Corpas^
RHP Ramon Ramirez^

^ - Spot still up for grabs

That's shaping up to be a reliable bullpen.

Update [2007-3-13 20:16:53 by Russ]: Thomas Harding at the Official Site chimes in on B's move to the pen. To no surprise, Buchholz could also be the spot-starter, and U-Ball is still in the running for a spot in the rotation. The way Harding phrases it makes Jimenez place last in that race as of now.


The Rockies are giving the fans a chance to have a say in the next announcer. You can vote here. I voted for Conor McGahey. Reed Saunders didn't sound all interested in what he was doing so it came down to McGahey and Jim Hudson. McGahey had a more distinctive voice that Hudson. Still, he's no "Voice of God."