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Fire him? He's just entering his 'prime'...

Some interesting stuff on coaching and managers that might make Woody Paige rethink his opinion on the potential firing of Clint Hurdle came out this morning from some of my favorite sites to visit. Wait a second, Woody's opinion is remarkably similar to mine here.., I've got to be doing something wrong...

Anyway, Chris Jaffe, who's been among the most serious and successful in taking a stab at quantifying managerial value, looks at aging patterns and comes up with some interesting results about when they are most successful in different aspects of the game. To ruin the long read for you, I'll say that Hurdle is just leaving his and other managers' "good" years when it comes to helping overall team hitting performances and entering his peak phase when it comes to outperforming the "Pythagoras" record projections based on runs scored and allowed. His help with individual pitching and hitting and team pitching will peak later.

Before I go too far, and just in case some of you missed it, please note that I was being a bit sarcastic in the title, as I think Clint still has much to prove and leaves much to be desired as a manager. This season there really shouldn't be any excuses as to why the team can't contend, he knows it, and he knows what he has to do to keep the same employment in 2008.

The other article isn't about managers, but first and third base coaches. It's by Colorado Springs resident Dan Fox, who writes for Baseball Prospectus (and Dan Agonistes) and Neal Williams of the Rocky Mountain chapter of SABR. Of course, the article isn't at those places, but at Baseball Analysts. Anyway, I'll let you read the article, but in their rankings of third base coaches, Mike Gallego does alright for himself.