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Spring Training Game #15: Rockies vs. Royals

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Rodrigo Lopez vs Zach Greinke

The last time these two teams faced each other this Spring, it turned into a replay of the struggles between Tulsa and Wichita last season in the AA Texas League, as Seth Smith one-upped Billy Butler with a dramatic walk-off HR. Part of that thrilling race to the playoffs (in which the Royals affiliate wound up kicking the Drillers' Iannetta-less and Tulo-less behinds) were a couple of humbling outings for Zach Greinke as he worked to regain his once shining prospect status. I hear Greinke's back, mostly, but it would be nice if Chris and Tulo still had his number for this game and a possible regular season showdown during interleague play. Actually, I'm not even sure if either Tulowitzki or Iannetta will get the start today, as it could be Yorvit Torrealba and Clint Barmes' turn.

Anyway, Rodrigo pitches for us. Two starts ago, he blamed getting smacked around on only using his fastball, last start his excuse was the position of Yorvit's glove, I'm thinking he ought to be running out of excuses and should just start pitching by now. At least I hope so.