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Rostradamus: Royals 6, Rockies 2


Chris Iannetta: Chris clearly has taken the reins for the primary catcher slot, going three for four yesterday with a double and RBI and was one for two in throwing runners out. Someday before camp closes I'm going to look a little closer into why I'm expecting a much bigger year  from him than most prospect watchers, but for today I'll just wish him and his Tarheels well.


Alexis Gomez: Went two for four with a pair of singles, but was caught stealing and isn't feeling the love from the media. That's okay, Alex, I'm here for you.


Clint Barmes: Yeah, that whole "fixed his swing" thing was rather short lived.

Others of Note: Hmm, you would have thought somebody, somewhere, would have tried to get Rodrigo Lopez to keep his pitches down before now. Or maybe it's just me who would think that. As noted in a post below, Matt Herges did well for himself in the bullpen battle, while Danny Graves and Ryan Speier did not. It's nice for me to see that Jeff Baker homerun, not that I thought he had suddenly been sapped of power or anything, it's just an odd little confirmation in my head that he's still got all of his sweet batting skills. I noticed the good game from Frank Mennechino as well, yesterday, with a double and triple. I think as an emergency injury fill-in for the bench, we could do a heckuva lot worse.