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Who you got?

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Totally off topic thread, but I realize that another big sporting event starts today which paralyzes the Nation's economic productivity, at least until enough people's brackets are eliminated from competition in their pools. If it does that much damage to the economy, I figure my baseball blog has little chance. So consider this as a sort of Purple Row open thread for the first few NCAA games. Of course I would be remiss if I didn't plug the various SBNation College blogs with entrants to the dance this year:

Swamp Ball (Florida)
Addicted to Quack (Oregon)
Rakes of Mallow (Notre Dame)
Ramblin' Racket (Georgia Tech)
Rock Chalk Talk (Kansas)
A Sea of Blue (Kentucky)
Blacksburg Beacon (Virginia Tech)
Bruins Nation (UCLA)
Carolina March (North Carolina)
Conquest Chronicles (USC!!)
Burnt Orange Nation (Texas)
Double T Nation (Texas Tech)
Around the Oval (Ohio State)
Provo Pride (BYU)
Rocky Top Talk (Tennessee)
Card Chronicle (Louisville)

and I think that does it. I'm surprised we don't have one for Belmont yet. Anyway, Baseball Reference's Sean Forman isn't immune to filling out a bracket, but fitting of him, he had to use 1 million simulations to come up with this.

Mine's a bit different, and probably less scientific, as for some reason I have the Trojans making it to the Final Four, with prominent upsets by Weber State and Winthrop in the first round. So who do you have?

Update [2007-3-15 13:5:46 by Rox Girl]:

More prolific than rabbits, we are, here at SB Nation. Just today we added a Texas A&M blog: The 12thManChild