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Draft Profile #16

Michael Burgess

Michael Burgess in his AFLAC All-American picture. Photo found in his AFLAC profile.

RF, Hillsborough (Fl.) HS

HT: 6' WT: 200 lbs.

Bio: Burgess has the talent to be a top 5 pick and there appears to be nothing holding him from attaining that in June. Burgess is listed anywhere from 5'11" to 6'1", so I'll split the difference and go with 6'. He's a bit larger than Pirates OF Andrew McCutchen, a center fielder. His Perfect Game profile tells us that he has a "plus arm" and his throws have an "easy exit" and "plus carry." He's also a former pitcher, but unlike current Rockies farm hand Chris Nelson, Burgess isn't interested in pitching all that much (a good thing, since Nelson waffled on which position to play before he had Tommy John surgery in high school).

Now for what we're all looking for: his left-handed bat. Burgess was in good hands this past summer when he played for Joe Hayden of Midland. Hayden has tutored the likes of Ken Griffey Jr., Barry Larkin and Mark Mulder (who also hit for the Michigan State Spartans). In the same article, it highlights Burgess power as he hit home runs that wound up around 470 feet away in right center field. At the AFLAC All-American game, he showed his power in a home run derby, but as Patrick Ebert informs us, Burgess has faced the top talent in the nation during his high school and summer careers. And take a look at the players who have attended his high school in that profile.

Baseball America rates him as the best power prospect in the draft. In the same article, it mentions that he has changed his swing somewhat and that has concerned scouts. Joe Hamrahi of Baseball Digest Daily, and of Talking Chop, also points out Burgess' need to correct his swing if he hopes to succeed as a pro.

Here's a link to the video the BA article mentions.