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Roxtradamus: Rockies 5, Athletics 2

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With the roster battles all but decided, I'm switching gears ever so slightly here these last couple of weeks, and starting to use MSG's (Meaningless Spring Games) to try and gain insight onto what we can expect on the coming season:

The planets seem to favor:

Right handed relievers: Quietly lost in our despair over our LHP relievers this Spring has been the dominance of the other side. Hawkins, Rami and Corpas went a combined three innings yesterday with one weak single and two walks allowed to go along with two K's, but as impressive were the other seven outs, all infield grounders.

The future is cloudy:

Brian Fuentes: Allowed one run on two hits and a walk in his inning of work, but had his stellar pick-off skills in tow as he recorded two PO's in the inning.

Foreboding sense of Doom:

Jamey Carroll: His bat isn't at all what we were seeing from him last season. I'm glad this slump is in the Spring, as he might need the entirety of the next two weeks to get straightened out.

Ethers on the periphery: I talked about Jason Hirsh in the comments to yesterday's game thread in more detail, but I was impressed by the mix of pitches he displayed. I was also very impressed by Torrealba's calls for when to use those pitches. A's hitters were kept off guard by unorthodox settings on many of those pitches. Yorvit also had a nice day at the plate, of course. So did Alexis Gomez, who's going to make some team a fine back-up this season.