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Spring Training Game #17: Rockies vs Giants

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Byung Hyun Kim vs Matt Cain.

 Today the Rox get a good, close-up look at how the Giants hope to stay competitive in the post Bonds years, as super-prospect Tim Lincecum is slated to follow Cain. The Rockies are hoping a lot of scouts are on hand to see the two young stud Giant hurlers, and then they are hoping that Kim stands out above both so that these scouts can go back to their bosses and say "Hey, we need some BK." And then the Rockies are hoping that said bosses will call up Dan O'Dowd with the same sentiment so we can get something good out of this backlog in our fifth starter battle. And then the Rockies are hoping that all of the children in the world can unite hands and lift their voices in songs of peace and harmony. And they're hoping for a World Series title for the people of Denver. And they are probably hoping for some snacks like Doritos or slim-jims or something, or that the Bangles can get back together for a reunion tour. I'm just guessing here on these last ones.