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Friday Morning Rockpile:

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Yep, for good or ill, it seems the Rockies have all but decided who the 25 men are that they'll be keeping. Tracy Ringolsby's weekly look at the roster puts it pretty succinctly. There are only two positions that are really left undetermined right now, and only one has anything to do with the players' performances in camp. One of the positions left undecided is the fifth starter, which comes down to whether Byung Hyun Kim gets traded or not. If he does, then Josh Fogg makes the roster as #5, if he doesn't then Fogg gets cut and walks away with $900 grand.

Seemingly Matt Herges is the only player still actually working for a spot on the roster, and we had a lengthy discussion about the ramifications of keeping him in Denver with Manny Corpas in the Springs yesterday, so we don't really have to rehash that if you don't wish. There are a handful of good reasons for keeping Herges, I can freely admit that, I just happen to disagree with the decision.

Same thing goes for John Mabry. Everybody loves Mabry, he seems like a good guy, so who am I to blow against the wind?


So apparently the Team of Slytherin has taken umbrage to the presence of Walt Weiss on the Rockies' bench during Rockies home games. Can I just say that the Diamondbacks are really making it easy to not like them this Spring? First it was the whole sneaking their prime starters into "B" games to avoid NL West foes, and now this little bit of snitchery. Why does Eric Byrnes even care? Doesn't he realize that the Snakes are just using him as a tool this season while they wait for Carlos Gonzalez? I am so going to enjoy watching their expectations get crushed this season. At least, that's how I envision it working out.


Update [2007-3-16 11:20:26 by Russ]: It reached 70 F yesterday and now it's snowing in NY. Anyway, Reed Saunders is the new PA announcer for the Rockies.