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Saturday AM Blarney Stone Pile:

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Happy St. No-Notre Dame in NCAA Tourney Day

Well, yeay! One of my two prominent upset picks got through, why couldn't Weber St follow the program? Anyway, back to the greener than normal Rockpile...

So, you're majorly bummed that you lost out to Reed Saunders in your quest to be the next Rockies PA announcer, right? Well, fear not my Rockies loving friends, I have the next best thing... maybe... It seems our affiliate in Modesto is without a PA person too, at least as of a couple of weeks ago they were, so you still have a chance to start tuning your chops at the minor league level. That's where Saunders got his start, well minor league hockey, but it's about the same. And if nothing else, if you're in the Modesto area, hop over to John Thurman today around 2 o'clock PDT for a chance to sing the National Anthem for EY Jr, Chaz Roe and the rest of the Nuts sometime this season.

A couple of Rockies notes, I'll start with this tidbit from the RMN, or tidbits rather, some of which have been mentioned in comments. Five players were sent down to minor league camp, Omar Quintanilla, Ryan Speier, Darren Clarke, Alvin Colina and Denny Bautista. There's a decent chance we'll see all four in a Rockies uniform at some point this season, with Clarke being a bit further away at Tulsa, so it might be September before he makes an appearance. The quote by Hurdle in regards to Q is important, because Omar's performance is in direct contrast to another shortstop on the club, Clint Barmes, who's been struggling to make the same consistent, hard contact of late. He hit a line drive foul yesterday that had enough distance for a homerun, but that's probably about as hard as he's hit the ball all Spring. If he didn't have the same struggles for the entirety of last season it would be one thing, and we could preach patience (see Carroll, Jamey) but that's not the case here.

I bring this up just because I really think a change of scenery might be best not only for the team, but for Clint at this point. His glove is definitely major league worthy, but his bat is having some issues that Rockies coaches can't seem to reach through to him with, I still don't think it's as bad as it's been looking for over a year now. We've already got Tulowitzki, and we have Jonathan Herrera and Quintanilla waiting in the wings. Not to mention Eric Riggs, who we signed to a minor league contract in January, so depth at Colorado Springs isn't an issue.

By the way, you know this famous New Yorker cover by Saul Stenberg depicting how denizens of that city think about the rest of us? Well, this Mets fan's predictions for the coming season kind of reminded me of that.