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Spring Training Game #18: Rockies vs Giants

Cook vs. Hennessey

I'll do the Roxtradamus recap for yesterday a little bit later this afternoon, but I wanted to make sure today's game thread was up in case I didn't get back from some shopping and other errands in time. Anyway, viewers on FSN Rocky Mtn or MLB.TV will get the opportunity to see the Rox celebrate St. Patty's day, with a bit of green added to their normal silver, black and purple. Not that green goes with any of the aforementioned...

On the field, the Rockies hope to retaliate from the pasting we got from the Giants in Scottsdale yesterday at our "home" yard down there in Tucson. Cook looks to solidify his number one starter status. The Rockies hitters hope to capitalize on facing Hennessey, who's in a similar boat as Byung Hyun Kim yesterday in that he's auditioning for a trade as much as he is for the club. Matt Morris will take a minor league start in Scottsdale while long relief/spot starter guy Hennessey travels south to pitch in the televised contest.