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Roxtradamus: Rockies 7, Giants 11

The planets seem to favor:

Jeff Baker: Baker has had a dominant Spring, not skipping a beat from what he did for us last fall. Yesterday Jeff went three for five with 4 RBI, including two off a big homerun versus phenom Tim Lincecum. Kudos should also go to table setters Willy Taveras and Steve Finley, who kept the basepaths manned for all those run producing opportunities.

The future is cloudy:

Omar Quintanilla: Outhit (2 for 4) the next guy up on the depth chart (Clint Barmes) in the game as he has done all Spring, but still got demoted to AAA afterwards.

Foreboding sense of Doom:

Byung Hyun Kim: What happens if we can't unload Kim and his $2.5 million contract? Are we really locked into keeping him on the roster? There was a lot of noise made before Spring began that the Rockies would take the team that gave them the best chance for winning with them to Denver on opening day. Right now, Kim is looking like the seventh, maybe eighth best starter on the squad after both Fogg and Jimenez and depending on how Brian Lawrence is progressing. Kim's K's have been decent all Spring, but his location has been appalling at times. Usually at the worst times. At his signing, Kim looked like an affordable alternative to the out of sight starting pitching market, but now he's looking like he might be the kind of albatross too many squads are too relunctant to sever from their roster.

Ethers on the periphery: Barmes and Cory Sullivan went a combined zero for seven, so it's not like Kim was the only potential trade commodity to disappoint in front of the scouting community. Matt Herges looked solid again in his inning and a third. Taylor Buchholz, meanwhile, struggled a bit at the end of the game.