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Would you buy a game-worn sock by Matsui?

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Matsui's socks?.
Photo from Sock Dreams.

As a result of his foot injury, it has come to greater light that Kaz Matsui wears toe socks. I thought this sounded familiar and as it turns out you can actually see a game-used sock of Matsui's here. The sock is from 2005 and was auctioned off for $21.00 last August.

More on the bullpen

In the above article, Harding comes to the conclusion that a bullpen battle is down to Corpas and Matt Herges. Then we have a mention by Recnk that Ramon Ramirez is also in that battle. So what is it? Three trying to win two spots or two for one? Hurdle, you settled on a Opening Day pitcher already; now settle on the best bullpen soon.

Miscellaneous Notes

The throw at Kouz was correct, Renck opines, but Hurdle could have gone with someone else to deliver it. I think that's the conclusion we've already arrived at. And why not use Grave to do it, as the article suggests. His suspension would have no impact on the team during the season.

Want your son to be a future big league hitter? Start pitching tennis balls to him at age five. It worked for Garrett Atkins. He also talks to Renck about what he does during an AB--interesting stuff.