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Game #19: Colorado @ Texas / How Unoriginal

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The Rockies visit the Rangers today after an 8-2 loss at home to them on March 5. That was the game Oscar Rivera struck out five and allowed two runs in three innings. Rami and Corpas pitched the last two innings and did well for themselves in those outings. For this contest, Francis takes the mound against Bruce Chen, who is starting in place of Vicente Padilla. Padilla won't start as a precautionary move because he is experiencing soreness in his right triceps muscle. We should see Sammy Sosa this time around since he has his spot on the 40-man roster and is a near lock to make the squad now.

Pre-game chatter:

More doom and gloom for the Rockies this upcoming season. This time John Shea of the San Francisco Chronicle lets us know why the Rockies (and Mariners) won't accomplish much this season:

For the Rockies and Mariners, it could be the same old story. The Rockies have young guys who haven't lived up to their projections, and the Mariners have big-money guys who haven't lived up to their contracts.

And the conclusion he arrives at after talking with some scouts about the two West divisions:

To review, Arizona will pitch. Texas will hit. Colorado and Seattle will have trouble with both. Until further notice, all remain in Team California's shadow.

How about something new and fresh?