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Three teams looking at Kim

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In tonight's Around the Horn" column by Ken Rosenthal, we find out that the Dodgers, Marlins and A's are looking at Kim. Only the As are looking at him as a starter. If the Marlins want him then they'll surely have him compete for the closer's position. As it stands now, I think either Matt Lindstrom or Henry Owens will wind up with that slot in the bullpen. Maybe include Sully in a deal with Kim?

I'm not impressed with the Rockies' interest in Mark Hendrickson. He allows way too many base runners and home runs and doesn't strike out nearly enough batters, at least for a starter. However, he was performing decently last year for the Rays until he was shipped to the Dodgers. This organization has a number of former quarterbacks, so why not add a former basketball player?

Update [2007-3-19 0:35:5 by malakian]:

More from Rosenthal: Several teams interested in Barmes

The Cubs and Rangers are among the clubs interested in Rockies shortstop Clint Barmes as a super-utility player. The Rockies, who place a greater value on Barmes, are likely to keep him even if they name Troy Tulowitzki their starter at short.