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Rostradamus: Rockies 4, White Sox 3

Chris Iannetta: He was one of Thursday's offensive standout, going one for two with a double and a walk on a day when only one other Rockie (Atkins) managed an extra base hit. He was charged with an error attempting to throw out a runner early with a ball that bounced a few feet early, but otherwise his game calling and defense was decent.

Oscar Rivera: It was really a great outing by Rivera save for one pitch, and giving up a homerun to Joe Crede is nothing to be ashamed of, but the effect was like a gymnast stumbling her landing after a great routine. Judges have to mark him down for that one.

Manny Corpas: Nothing says a pitcher needs more time in the minors than a 2/0 BB/K line in the box score for one inning's work. Affeldt's outing was a little worse, but management seems so enamored with him still that I don't think his job's in jeopardy yet.


Comparing the two left handed center fielders to get play yesterday doesn't leave a favorable impression of the veteran, Steve Finley had a single in the first, but after that was fooled by Charlie Haeger on a knuckleball and had a weak ground out, while Jeff Salazar came up with a clutch two out single in the bottom of the eighth to give the Rockies the lead. Alvin Colina's catching defense has impressed me most of all of any of the four catchers we've used this Spring. He's the only one to catch an attempting runner thus far, and the concentration he displayed in the final play at the plate to pick up the dart from Jonathan Herrera and tag out Kenney Kelly was very impressive. Herrera himself showed some fantastic defense. I hope he continues to find an offensive game this season in Tulsa, as he progresses into being a seriously talented prospect.