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Help Needed for a Community Projections.., uhm.., Project:

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I really need to work on my titles.

Alright, you might have noticed that at Purple Row, we haven't exactly resorted to an old baseball blogger (I swear Mr. Kuhn, back in 1910, baseball blogs would do this all the time) standby for the offseason of making community projections for each of our beloved Rockies. I'm not sure why, it seems a cheap and easy way to make a post and spur some discussion. However, knowing that as Rockies fans that you're really hankering (ha! my Western roots show again) for the opportunity, and knowing that a friend needs some help with a massive MLB wide projection system based on the wisdom of crowds, it seems like kismet.

Your needs to project for the season are met, his needs for projections of Rockies players are met.

Anyway, if hordes of Rockies fans can make their way over to Tangotiger's  site and help complete his survey, it would be most appreciated. Thanks.