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Tuesday Morning Rockpile:

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Delayed Gratification:

The return for the Rockies in trading Joe Kennedy to the A's was a long time coming, but it looks like it may be finally bringing us something back this season. Not only is Omar Quintanilla waking his slumbering bat this Spring, but Kennedy  himself is pushing the trade value of Byung Hyun Kim up by being an absolute disaster thus far in his switch back to starterdom. Thank you Joe, I knew you'd come through for us again eventually. Now if only Eric Byrnes would hit for the Diamondbacks all season like he hit for us in that tiny stretch we had him, then the trade would have to be considered a huge success.


I've got to admit that I've softened my stance this March on the two non-roster invitees I figured I'd be most adamantly opposed to before camp began. Both happen to be the players trying to make their fifth career NL West team. At any rate, with the knowledge now that Ramon Ramirez has a minor league option left, I'm leaning to keeping Matt Herges for depth's sake. The last hurdle to me is the roster spot, and if we can pull off a trade of Kim, then it should be freed up. We had nine relief pitchers throw over 20 innings last season, and ten the season before, so finding work for all three won't be difficult, even if one is sent down to the Springs to start the season.

To me, the real key is limiting the damage Tom Martin can do pitching to right handers by limiting his overall innings as much as possible. Zero would be a nice number there, but I understand that's not likely. Still, another 60 plus innings like he put up last season will spell a lot of trouble for the team.

Colorado Springs is going to have an awesome team:

Rodrigo Lopez, who the Tulsa Drillers hoped would give them some sort of advantage, got drilled yet again this Spring, this time by our own AAA squad yesterday. Thomas Harding at the official site needs to talk to his editors, as I'm presuming his dispatch's original title, "Lopez gets worked in Minors game" was apparently changed. I like how these articles are very non-chalant about it: oh and by the way, Rodrigo gave up seven runs and nine hits in six innings yesterday to a bunch of minor leaguers, but no worries, he's just your typical third starter two weeks away from games that count...

yeah, time's up Rodrigo, we need results now.