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Spring Training Game #23: Rockies vs White Sox

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Aaron Cook vs John Danks and Gavin Floyd.

The White Sox have a fifth starter battle of their own unfolding, and Danks and Floyd are in the thick of it. Cook, meanwhile, begins to fine tune for Opening Day vs the D-backs. His likely opponent then, Brandon Webb, looked pretty sharp coming off of his neck injury with a typical Webb-like six scoreless innings of four hit, lots of quick inning groundout baseball. We'll be wanting to see some of the same from Cook today, only with more pitches thrown. Webb threw only 69 pitches in the win, and I still have questions about how deep he'll be able to go if he gets in trouble. Given his stuff yesterday, getting him into that trouble might be the trickier proposition.

Anyway, our lineup typically hammers the White Sox during the exhibition season, let's hope today's no exception.