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Saturday Rockpile:

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The roster shakeup yesterday, tidy as it appears, still leaves one of our five best starters in Colorado Springs. Ubaldo Jimenez is another player that looks to have taken a step forward since his first call-up to the Springs nine months ago, and shouldn't be held down for long if the Rockies are wise. Of course, I don't know where to put him right now, the obvious choice is in Josh Fogg's slot, but there's this going against U-ball, according to Thomas Harding:

Fogg (0-1, 4.30 ERA this spring; 11-9, 5.49 in 2006) often speaks matter of factly that someone is always being brought in to force him out of a job, but he keeps giving his team chances to win games. Hurdle likes the way Fogg handles that situation.

Subscribers at Baseball America can read why Chris Kline says scouts think Esmil Rogers is poised for a breakout season in the minor league ranks despite his lackluster debut with Casper last season. Three plus pitches is a start. I'll have more picks to take a step forward in the minors in a post later this week. That's all I've got on a relatively slow newsday. I'll post a game thread in a couple of minutes.