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Checking in on the Profiled

I have all their (mostly) up-to-date stats here in an Excel file. If you don't have Excel, I'll try something else. Anyway, it will be updated with more players as the draft approaches. Here are some general thoughts:

Position Players

Corey Brown has really come on strong this season, displaying his ability to hit for average and power and has speed to boot. He's worked the strike zone well as he walked as many times as he struck out.

Borbon finally returned to action, but Arencibia hasn't produced up to his high standards (nagging injuries will do that). He's kept his plate discipline intact and hopefully Borbon's return will help him.


David Price continues his path to being selected #1 overall by the Rays (DRaysBay is having a weekly "Price Check") and even if Tampa passes, he won't make it to the eighth pick. There have been recent concerns over his work load as he threw 120+ pitches in a couple of outings. Jim Callis allays those concerns in the latest ASK BA.

My guy Nick Schmidt has looked better lately but has struggled with walks all season so far. In last night's matchup against Vandy's Price, neither got a decision (it went 10 innings) and both had very similar lines: 6 H, 5 R, 4 BB, 8 K. Price gave up 4 ER, Schmidt 3. Price went 6, Schmidt 7.