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Kim Takes Exception To Team Concept.., happy about his $2.5 million though

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Byung Hyun Kim, who yesterday was informed he would be moving to the Rockies bullpen as a result of an inconsistent two seasons as a starter with the team, as well as an inconsistent Spring, has some issues with the decision, according to an article at the Rockies official site by Thomas Harding. Kim's concept of what's wrong or right revolves solely around his situation, and you have to wonder if he has much clue about the entire team concept of baseball:

"It's not right, I think. If they say, 'Competition, do this,' I don't do any 'try.' It's not right. Hopefully, I've talked to my agent, and I'll see. They're trying to [trade Kim] and they're going to find something. I don't know. Hopefully."

Not, "hopefully I can perform well and we can make the playoffs." Instead, it's all about him against his teammates. I really have a hard time with this, and the way he decided to air these grievances a day after and to the media rather than the ones making the decisions doesn't help.