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Homegrown Lineup

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For back-to-back years, the Rockies will have seven of their nine Opening Day starters (bottom of article) come from within the Rule 4 draft. In 2004, the Opening Day roster featured only one player drafted by the Rockies: Todd Helton.

Now let's compare the Opening Days rosters for this year and the year the Rockies last had a winning record:

2007                       2000
CF - Willy Taveras    CF - Tom Goodwin
2B - Kaz Matsui        2B - Mike Lansing
3B - Garrett Atkins   RF - Larry Walker
1B - Todd Helton      3B - Jeff Cirillo
LF - Matt Holliday     1B - Todd Helton
RF - Brad Hawpe      LF - Jeff Hammonds
SS - Troy Tulowitzki SS - Neifi Perez
C - Chris Iannetta     C - Brent Mayne
P - Aaron Cook         P - Pedro Astacio

Goodwin and Lansing didn't last the season with the Rockies as they were traded to the Dodgers and the Red Sox, respectively. Cirillo had a good season with little home run power, something Atkins will have. Holliday had a similar 2006 season to Hammonds' 2000, but with a little more power.

And the bullpen for that team? Gabe White, Jose Jimenez, Mike DeJean, Mike Myers, and Julian Tavarez (who started 12 games as well) among others.


Jeff Baker won't be the only one in a platoon when a lefty starts against the Rockies. Jamey Carroll will get those starts (middle of article), according to Hurdle, or maybe not. That might just mean he tries it out for a few games, goes back to Matsui because he needs "a chance" against lefties and then realizes too late that he made the wrong decision.

After giving up a home run to Raul Ibanez, Tom Martin has gone to the videotape so he can adjust his arm angle. This line is great: "Martin, 36, badly needs to change." So apparently going back to the sidearm angle he experimented with last year is going change all that, a season not laden with good memories. Martin doesn't need a change, he needs a miracle and a half to make it through the year with the team. Come on down, Mike Gallo!