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Opening Day Sold Out: One Down, Eighty to Go...

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Opening Day at Coors Field will be a packed house again this year, as the club announced that tickets are no longer available for the day's game against the Arizona Diamondbacks. Since this series is a repeat of last year's opening opponent, my real concern from a revenue for the club standpoint will be to see how we build off of it for the next two games. After drawing 47,000 plus on opening day in 2006, the next two games barely cleared 18,000 against the Snakes.

It should help that both teams have better playoff chances this season, but I think the series will be an important hallmark to gauge Rockies fans' enthusiasm for 2007. I'll be encouraged by anything over 20,000 on the third and fourth, and along with the first homestand against the Padres starting the 20th (also a sub 19,000/gm series last year) I feel that these will be the most important dates in April to begin gauging whether we might see a payroll increase next offseason.