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Spring Training Game #27: Rockies vs D-backs

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Josh Fogg vs Dana Eveland.

Our fifth starters won't face each other in the opening series, so exposure to Fogg's pitching doesn't seem to be a concern for the Rockies. Eveland, meanwhile, apparently is still in a fairly open competition for their interim fifth starter slot (until Randy Johnson's ready) although you would think with roster decisions less than a week away they would have made up their minds by now.

In case you didn't see it in the comments to the Tuesday Rockpile,  Brad Hawpe twisted his ankle after taking an awkward step in morning practice. He was pulled from today's start (against the lefty Eveland in an indication of how positive his Spring's been) and will as usual be re-evaluated. Even if this is an overreaction, the Rockies are justified in taking every precaution possible. The Dodgers' loss of Jason Repko for the season after letting him continue to play following a collision with Rafael Furcal should be a warning to all teams.

Here's the MLB Gameday link to follow along with the action since it will be neither televised or.., uhm.., radio-ised.