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Tuesday Morning Rockpile:

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For the second time this Spring, a scary looking injury to Rockie was nothing serious, thankfully. Yorvit Torrealba was the lucky beneficiary this time, as his ankle sprain appears to be quite minor. Also in the linked article by Patrick Saunders, was a not-all-bad assessment by Clint Hurdle of Jason Hirsh's six inning, 3 HR allowed performance against the A's yesterday. As Hurdle implies, don't be misled by the one walk allowed, Hirsh was getting in trouble with several three ball counts yesterday. It's not time to panic about him being unready just yet, though, and even if that proves the case after a couple of April starts, Brian Lawrence seems prepared to step in. Drew at Up in the Rockies has more on Hirsh anxiety, as well as another troubling look at Jamey Carroll's disappointing tour in Arizona this March.


Tracy Ringolsby takes a look at the payroll, and there's some encouraging news along with the usual cost cutting bottom line:

"To keep our nucleus together we are going to have to pay more, but we feel we will have the resources to do that," club president Charlie Monfort said. "As our guys gain more experience and approach free agency, we understand we are going to have to increase the payroll. We feel our success on the field will translate into increased revenues and that will offset the increased cost of doing business."

This is why we should watch the paid attendance numbers at Coors almost as much as the final scores.


There's an interesting and somewhat entertaining take on the Rockies season by a mysterious figure named Liam at Batter's Box Interactive, he gets a couple of particulars off (like switching the roles of Kaz and Carroll) but the piece is mostly on and the style he chooses allows to show a range of possibilities for the year, but the writer himself comes out with a pretty optimistic read.


Votes for Purple Row are still needed. I'm going to try calling in some high priced lawyers today and contest some of these ballots. I see a lot of hanging Chad's out there.