Photos - 3/26 vs. Oakland

Hey, sorry these pictures are a bit late. I've had a shoddy internet connection and haven't been able to upload these til today. I'm normally a poster at Athletics Nation, the Oakland A's SB Nation blog.

A couple friends of mine are Rockies fans, so I decided to take a few pics of the team. Let me know what you think. Just know that I really don't know much about the team, so I can't identify a few of the players.

An infielder

This guy just looks genuinely scared

I believe Edwin Bellorin

Jamey Carroll

Another Colorado batter

By the request of Silverblood... lots of Brad Hawpe:

And Jason Hirsh

John Mabry

Willy Taveras

Ryan Spilborghs

Torrealba's injury

Ramon Ramirez

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