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Spring Training Game #28: Rockies vs Cubs

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Cook vs Prior.

Mark Prior has found himself on the outside looking in as far as Chicago's opening day lineup is concerned. The fact that he's starting today for the Rockies seems to indicate that the Cubs intend to keep him in Arizona for Extended Spring Training on the DL for a little while, in much the same way the Rockies intend to use Brian Lawrence. Cook has easily been the most promising Rockies pitcher to date.

After regaining the lead in the polling last night, Purple Row's support has been eroding throughout the day thanks to a very strong and welcome late surge by third party candidate Up in the Rockies as well as a bit of a comeback by Bad Altitude. I can say this, there's no quit out there in the Rockies' blogosphere. We're all gamers apparently. Please Vote for Purple Row again today if you haven't already. Thanks.

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