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Salazar claimed off waivers by D-backs

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Effin' frickin Snakes stole away Jeff Salazar. Those bastards. Who's bright idea was it to try to sneak him through waivers? Really fricking bright. I'm tired of losing all this fringe talent when it seems other organizations are able to flip it for something useful or potentially useful at least half the time.

Update [2007-3-28 19:12:16 by Rox Girl]:

Okay, Rox Girl's cooler head has somewhat prevailed. I still don't like this, losing Salazar or any of our former prospects to the Diamondbacks is not the way you want to see them go. Jeff's upside is limited though, and in Arizona's system he's not going to have much of a chance behind Chris Young and Justin Upton in center. That kind of makes it hurt more, actually because you want to see him get a shot, but at least we know he won't come back to do much damage to us on the field.

The move is also troubling in that it seems to mean that Ryan Spilborghs is destined for AAA again in favor of John Mabry, and Spilly's bat could be something we miss. At least he's only an hour or so away, though.