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Rockies Place 85th out of 122 Pro Sports Teams in ESPN Fan Satisfaction Ratings

and 24th in the MLB. You can view the complete rankings here. It's actually 10 spots lower than last year, but the same ranking the team received in 2005. It's still better than 2004 (100) and 2003 (101). The team reached historic lows in ownership rating and coaching staff. Those scores coming in at 114 and 109, respectively.

The guy who compiled the rankings for, Brian Kamenetzky, contacted a host of SBN writers for thoughts about their team. After giving him my response he wrote back telling me that it explained the rankings he had for the team (which he didn't disclose).

This is the highest ranking the team has received for just the MLB list since this began in 2003, but ahead of the Red Sox this year?

Oh, and Gonzo over at SBN's Vikings' site Daily Norseman has an interesting take on these rankings overall, which I'll agree with mostly.