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Pebble Report: Minor League Roster Thread

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For fact, rumor, speculation and further commentary on the makeup of the initial rosters of our four full season affiliates.

In case you've missed some of the comments from yesterday's game thread:

From lahardball:

Does anyone have the rosters?  Known is that from  Tri-Cities Brandon Hynick made the jump to Modesto, Josh Sullivan, Andrew Kreidermacher, Ethan Katz, Andrew Graham, Keith Weiser, Aneury Rodriguez, Craig Baker and Michael McHenry are going to Asheville along with Simon Ferrer, James Burok and Zach Simons who will be returning.

From 86 wins in 2007:

Ferrer will be a starting pitcher, this year, as a Knuckleballer.

As I said there, I've been waiting for the announcement on the move of Ferrer to a rotation, as knuckleball pitchers would likely have the most value to the team in a role they could eat as many innings as possible. The switch would mean that Asheville's starting five are:

Josh Sullivan
Keith Weiser
Aneury Rodriguez
Simon Ferrer
Andrew Graham
Craig Baker

I know that's six, but that was just my own speculation that one of those last two will likely be a swing starter. Baker might need time to build arm strength after resting for the last part of last season. Anyway, this is just to get the conversation started.

Update [2007-3-29 13:27:52 by Rox Girl]:

Whoops, forgot to put this link in the Rockpile, but it might fit better here anyway: John Sickels profiles Franklin Morales. Our top starting pitching prospect gets some more rave reviews.