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Spring Training Game #29: Rockies vs White Sox

Francis vs Garland

One last Cactus League matchup against the team we've faced more than any other this Spring, and that was true before today's contest. The White Sox will soon be moving their camp on to Goodyear, and not having another team besides the Diamondbacks close to Hi Corbett to be a willing testing post for our players makes the Rockies' own future in Tucson a little tenuous at the moment. Today's game once again is outside the live media bubble.

The MLB Gameday sporadically updated play by play can be found here.

As malakian just reminded me a thread down, the final roster decisions will be made official following today's game. With the Jeff Salazar waiver claim by Arizona, it's pretty certain that John Mabry and Steve Finley will be aboard, the only question left has to do with Tom Martin.

Baseball Prospectus subscribers can take a look at Clay Davenport's MLE's for the Spring by clicking through the blog entry on the link titled: stats. I didn't just link the table itself because it's still important to understand all the caveats that apply with looking at Spring stats and Davenport explains them well.

Speaking of BP and articles for subscribers, count Nate Silver among the Rockie skeptic, D-back loving crowd with his NL West predictions. He docked the Rockies three games from the PECOTA projection just because he has "to see them play .500 to believe it." Meanwhile he was just fine with the Diamondbacks' 88-74 projection and readers can see how far he takes it. Alright, somebody's going to have to explain that to me...

At any rate, it's clear we're getting the Cinderella treatment from our evil step-mother of internet media. That's okay, I'm okay wearing the pretty dress and glass slippers in the end.