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Thursday Morning Rockpile: Prayers Answered?

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Tom Martin might wind up starting the season on the DL according to the Rocky Mountain News' Tracy Ringolsby, leaving room for both Manny Corpas and Ramon Ramirez (along with Byung Hyun Kim) in the bullpen when the team breaks camp. Corpas has been outstanding this Spring, and Ramirez decent. Martin, meanwhile, has been a disaster from the get go. The DL decision is only a temporary solution, giving Martin a little bit of time to prove he can still perform at an MLB level. I have my doubts, he's had several chances already, but at least it keeps his left arm from sabotaging our early season.


Another thing to think about with Arizona's claim of Jeff Salazar is that it shows how shallow the Diamondbacks really are with their forty man roster that they could find space for him and don't have to make similarly difficult decisions with their personnel. No, I don't think it has to do with superior roster management in this case, either. I just really don't buy that they are that much ahead of the Rockies this season in terms of talent.


Both Brad Hawpe and Yorvit Torrealba's ankles seem to be okay for opening day, meaning we should be at full strength (not counting Lawrence, and Martin on the DL is a plus) when the Diamondbacks come to visit.


Can't wait for 2009? Maybe even 2008... This quote from Dexter Fowler from Troy Renck's notes at the Denver Post should be exciting to all Rockies fans:

Center fielder Dexter Fowler, who learned to switch hit in pro ball, tripled off the wall Wednesday. "It's amazing I have more power from the left side after hitting from the right side my whole life," he said.

Yesterday the discussion around Willy Taveras centered around how without much (any?) power to his bat he's got limited future value without some major refinement to his other batting skills. Fowler won't have any of the same power concerns as Taveras with all the speed. How great is that?