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Error rectified. . . sort of.

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A couple weeks ago, Dayn Perry had an article on concerning "Burning Questions" for the NL West. As I brought up, the fourth question made no sense since the humidor was not banned. Well, Tracy Ringolsby has the answer as to how this happened in his latest mailbag:

Bart Lesco found a report that is all wet. in an article regarding young hitters (which hitters are ready to rise?) that are set to improve this year reported that Brad Hawpe's numbers will improve this year because the Rockies are not going to be using the humidor, do you have any information about this?

Bart, the information is that the humidor will be used. Dayn Perry at seems infatuated with that make-believe story, which the folks at said traced back to something said on ESPN by a member of Baseball Prospectus. The truth is that the 29 other teams have been advised to investigate adding humidors or at least taking more caution in story baseballs.

I guess that proves you should always look into a claim before writing about it.

And now I'll point you in the direction of Bad Altitude writer Mark T.R. Donohue's preview of the Rockies for Dead Spin. Here's a humorous part:

Most of the things I find endearing about Colorado baseball simply wouldn't make any sense to a non-fan. While even presently down-on-their-luck franchises like Pittsburgh and Kansas City have collective memories of past glories, Rockies fans, such as they are, tend to commiserate over entirely bizarre things, like that time the ball somehow managed to come to a complete stop in one of the little number wells on the manually operated out-of-town scoreboard in right at Coors Field. Or the time when Brad Hawpe inadvertently scuttled the Cubs' season by banking a screamer off Mark Prior's elbow.

Or the time Dustan Mohr hurt himself on Opening Day while attemtping to celebrate Barmes' game-winning home run.

He also included this bit:

Like any good cult, your baseball team ought to take everything you have and give nothing in return except for the knowledge that you have it in you to commit yourself fully to something for no good reason.

There are probably some people who would want everyone to believe the Rockies are already a cult, but that whole thing was overblown from the start. Then all the comments degenerated into a basic thing theme: "The Rockies are irrelevant." Something tells me that even if the Rockies win a World Series, people will label that team as the most irrelevant World Series Championship team ever. The first and only irrelevant WS champion, unless anyone can think of another.