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Rox Scale: Sky Sox 5, Rockies 3

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Trying out a post game recap feature: Let me know what you think...

Aspect Score Notes
Table Setters Willy T and Kaz had a perfect OBP in four plate appearances, getting on with a walk and single each.
Heart of Lineup Solid production from the five and six slots with Holliday and Finley was overshadowed by the zero for three (with a sac fly) with Atkins and Helton including a key rally killing GIDP by Garrett in the second.
Bottom of the Order Iannetta did his normal thing with a single and walk, but Tulo and Mabry went zero for four. Troy was the victim of bad luck/good defense, however, as both his outs were solidly hit.
Situational Hitting/Bench After the starters made way for the AA team, the "Rockies" went one (Spilborghs) for fourteen with a walk before the ninth inning mini-rally with Herrera and Menechino.
Starting Pitching U-ball was stellar through four innings, a leadoff homerun to Alvin Colina in the fifth rattled him, however, and he couldn't finish the inning until three more runs crossed the plate.
Middle Relief Marc Kaiser started shakily with two walks to his first two batters, but got through the sixth unscathed. A big double allowed to Joe Koshansky in the seventh was the only other ding in his appearance, and his GB ratio was it's usual solid self as well.
Late Relief Mike Gallo came on and once again showed why we're in trouble with left handers, even if we go to the next guy down the depth chart after Tom Martin.
Coaching/Management When you're playing your own team, this is kind of hard to judge. It seemed like Mike Gallego made the right calls as a third base coach, though.
Luck Besides the homerun in the fifth inning, the hits off Jimenez that inning weren't particularly well struck, and U-ball could have just as easily gotten out of it with only one run to come across.
Defense Solid defense up the middle, particularly by Herrera late in the game. Iannetta had a bit of trouble behind the plate keeping the ball in front of him.