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Friday Morning Rockpile:

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Troy Renck says the Rockies might take a look at Dan Kolb now that it's apparent he won't make the Pirates' bullpen. Of course, one can wonder about the value of a reliever that couldn't catch on with a staff that includes the well struck Shawn Chacon.


Terry Frei waxes cynical on baseball, and compares Troy Tulowitzki to Clint Barmes and Chris Iannetta to Ben Petrick. Ignorance is misery now, apparently. Who knew?


Another internet stat guru projects the Rockies to finish last in the division. This time it's Sean Smith, developer of the CHONE projection system making the call.

Okay, now for the bright side, Tracy Ringolsby sees the Rockies as a team that can do what the Tigers did last season. He also sees the Rockies' strengths and weaknesses pretty much as I see them. I would add the outfield bench as a definite "good", along with our right handed relievers (minus Kim) and Fuentes. I see uncertainty about the bat of Jamey Carroll and aspects of our defense -particularly the range on the left side- as "bads".


Okay, just a general baseball note: Why is how the first female umpire did in a Spring Training MLB game even news right now? Did people really expect her to do poorly or something? Why do I feel like I'm living in 1920? Of course she handled it: it's a job she was trained to do, has plenty of experience doing, and there's not some mystical man aura that says a woman can do it at the minor league level and not the majors. The only reason it's a novelty is because Major League Baseball is still a sexist jocular organization.


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