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Saturday Morning Rockpile: Ron Villone again, anyone?

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I mentioned in the comments a thread or two below that I was hoping a left-handed relief pitcher was left off his team's active roster. Well, at least one has, and it's a familiar name as well. I'm not sure if the Rockies are interested or not, but given the results of Martin and Gallo, I don't know how we could expect him to be much worse.

At least the lineup's purring like a kitten. Maybe that's me purring like a kitten, looking at the lineup. At any rate, there's much to be happy about there.

The official site has a grab-bag of new Rockies content, including this Thomas Harding piece about the team and the NL West and stuff... What? You were expecting Faulkner? I'm not going to invest too much in this. It's frickin' Saturday for crying out loud. Anyhoos, not one bold prediction that I've seen putting the Rockies in first yet, but Dan Boniface at On the Rox, says Wild Card with a ninety plus win season.