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You Guys and Gals Are Great!

Those of you around during the '05-'06 off season probably remember that the Row went dead during that period. It was a year ago today that the Row was revived, but take a look at this chart:

or this one for just visits.

The sense of community that developed here over the past year has been extraordinary. The community is what makes the Row so great for Rockies fans. You can express your opinion and not have it ridiculed or dismissed in an immature manner, in the paraphrased words of one Rockies writer who reads this site regularly.

And to pass the compliments around once more, we all owe a thanks to Rox Girl who made here return to the site a day or two into the 2006 season. Without her return I have no idea as to how I would have run the site for an entire season, let alone a full year.

And while we all want Purple Row to win SI's fan poll (voting is still ongoing) for the best Rockies blog/fan site, having a great community of knowledgeable fans is far better than some title. But hey, didn't I just implicitly write that you should vote?