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Sunday Morning Rockpile

In Renck's "Rockies Notes", Todd Helton says his scratch from the lineup was nothing and that he would have played had it been the regular season. Pretty much the normal response by any player scratched during Spring Training.

Fogg continued to work on his curveball yesterday, which may be used "as a potential weapon against" righties and in early-count situations against lefties. The Mets' Billy Wagner working on a third pitch, a splitter, in spring training will cause more problems for hitters by season's end.

Brian Lawrence will pitch in tomorrow's B game, when he'll attempt to prove he is healthy.

In the footnotes of this second article, Renck suggests that the Dodgers could possibly pursue Ranger Mark Teixeira at some point during the season. The main piece of that deal would be Chad Billingsley, but why would the Rangers want to do this? There only in-house replacement is Jason Botts, a serious downgrade. Billingsley, Loney and a pitcher: would that be enough to trade for Teixeira? And what about Nomar? As long as he's not injured (and not included in the deal), where do you put Teixeira? He has a past at third base but a transition back there wouldn't be pretty most likely. I'll file this possibility under "almost non-existent." Renck also offers a solution to George Mitchell's investigation in the article.

And how many more articles on this topic will we see in Spring Training alone?