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Rostradamus: Angels 9, Rockies 8

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Jeff Salazar: The Rockies are looking for a potent left handed bat off the bench that can play in the outfield. After yesterday's two run homerun and run scoring double, Jeff has come up with three clutch hits in late and close situations the last two games, plus another double in Friday's intrasquad game. It's just Spring and the quality of pitchers he's faced hasn't been top notch, but he definitely has to be making an impression.


Yorvit Torrealba and Javy Lopez: None of our three starting catcher candidates have done anything to separate themselves defensively from each other thus far -Torrealba allowed one SB and had a run scoring error on the throw, and Lopez allowed two SB's- but all three have shown plenty at the plate, with Yorvit going one for two yesterday and Lopez hitting his third double of the Spring.


LOOGY Candidates: Pick any of the three left handed relievers to come into the game yesterday, Tom Martin, Josh Newman or Mike Gallo and look at their performance (a combined eight runs on nine hits and two walks in three innings) to be a little more depressed about our bullpen's depth.

Others of Note: There was impressive patience all around by the Rockies, as they drew nine walks off of Angels pitchers yesterday while only striking out four times. Joe Koshansky had a pair of BB's in his only plate appearances, and likely table setters Willy Taveras and Kaz Matsui each had a walk and a hit. I have to admit Josh Fogg was muy impressive as well, his first inning took only six pitches to retire three Angels, and the second just a little more than that. Juan Morillo's inning was kind of scary-lucky in that he allowed the bases to get loaded with nobody out before inducing three shallow pop-ups with his high heat.